Staying Radiant During Ramadhan

As the month of Ramadan approaches, we often associate this act to something that will make us women looking not so great. During this period, people celebrating Ramadan will execute fasting, where they will restrict the amount of fluid and food intake. However, instead of approaching this with a heavy heart, why not see this as an opportunity to actually further improve yourself – mentally and physically? Not only will it reflect on your body, but definitely on your skin! Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to stay radiant during this holy month.


This is one of the most important key in keeping yourself and your skin looking great whilst fasting. Choose drinks that are not high in sugar i.e. juices, soft drinks as they will make you thirsty faster and it’s not doing any good for your body. If you’re bored with just water, try to implement fruits into your water as infusions.

Skincare Regime

You may not think that it’s important to keep your skincare regime as you’re not feeling 100% yourself, but it’s important to keep it up during this month! Due to fasting, your skin will be more dehydrated so we don’t recommend on ‘over-washing’ your face. However, make sure to moisturise, apply sunblock and treat yourself to a face mask once or twice a week for a healthier glow.

Choose Your Food Intake

We understand that when you want to break your fast you’d probably be looking at something satisfying for the body. This may lead towards sweet and/or salty treats that may nourish your body temporarily, but not in a good way. Make sure to avoid excessive sugar, heavily fried foods and fatty foods. Choose healthier options such as fruits and vegetables, as they not only keep you hydrated and fulfilled but also have a great effect on your skin.

With these points in mind, we hope that this month of Ramadan will bring you many blessings. Stay hydrated and radiant.

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