Treat Yourself!

Hello beautiful ladies! With the approach of Ramadan right around the corner, you may think that this will be the month where your skin will be looking lifeless, dull and not appealing at all. If you haven’t read our previous post yet, make sure to see the tips and tricks on how to keep your skin looking radiant and healthy.

Now, in addition to those tips and tricks, we at Clariskin have numerous non-intrusive treatments that will help you keep and maintain your skin looking glowy and healthy. We have The Essentials treatments, where it focuses on problem areas such as the under eyes and acne, and more where it targets the general face area, such as the whitening and firming treatments.

As mentioned previously, these treatments are non-intrusive – meaning they will not be applied or have the use of needles to inject anything into the skin. What we do have, is a great range of serums that will be suitable for any problem areas you may be facing or that you’d want to help uplift during this month.

What are serums and what do they do for your skin? Serums are seen as lightweight moisturizers that penetrates deeper to deliver active ingredients that are beneficial for your skin. Compared to moisturizers, serums have a higher concentrate of these special ingredients that will be like ‘supplements’ for your skin.

As for which serums will be best for you and your skin, don’t be shy and come in to visit our doctors in our allocated clinics as the serums will need to be matched by the type of skin you have. Our doctors are the best in their field and will ensure you will receive the best treatment and products suitable for the skin (and results) you are looking for.

We’ll see you soon!

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