The Power of Sunscreen

We often hear never forget to apply sunscreen for our skincare routine, but do we really do it? It’s an additional step to apply onto your face and body, which will take longer for you to get ready in the morning. In addition, some brands have not so subtle sunscreen, where it leaves a white cast or flashback upon taking a photo. However, it is still a very important step for your skin. Let’s delve deeper into the power of sunscreen and what it does.

Shield from UV Rays

With our ozone layers getting thinner and depleting everyday, we need to make sure that the sun’s rays does not penetrate through our skin and cause damages i.e. skin cancer. Thus, it needs to be applied on exposed skin everyday.

Prevents Premature Aging

This will be the most important reasons as to why sunscreen is important for you. When the rays penetrate your skin (as mentioned in the first point), it will cause damages – the worst being skin cancer. However, leading up to that will be discolourations, sun spots and premature wrinkles and fine lines. 

Prevents Sunburn or Tanning

The sun affects each person’s skin differently. One of the outcomes is that the rays will burn the skin, which will turn the skin red, dry after a few days and become flakey to take out any of the dead skin. Another outcome will be tanning – your skin colour will become darker and may take some time to return to its’ original colour – and that is if you stay out of the sun afterwards.

From these reasons, it is inevitable that you will need to add this step to your skincare routine. Investing in your skincare is important, but skipping this step will make your investment irrelevant as it will cause harm to your skin along with the additional setbacks. Be smart and apply your sunscreen everyday!

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